Shemaroo takes its premium Bollywood content to the global FAST market with Amagi

    Amagi, a global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, today announced that Shemaroo, India’s leading Media & Entertainment Company has partnered with it for creating, distributing, and monetizing a new channel to the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platform, Plex, in the US. The channel hosts a curated collection of movies and music from Bollywood and targets a global audience. While Plex is the first FAST platform to which the channel is distributed, Shemaroo hopes to extend its reach to other leading FAST platforms such as SLING, Xiaomi, and more, in the coming months.

    Shemaroo has been entertaining audiences with its content for the past 60 years. It has a global reach and has played a pioneering role in the areas of content ownership, aggregation, and distribution. By partnering with Amagi, Shemaroo will gain the full advantage of Amagi’s best-in-class cloud technology services that include the broadcast-grade channel playout solution, Amagi CLOUDPORT, and the advanced dynamic server-side ad insertion solution, Amagi THUNDERSTORM. As the leading technology provider in the global FAST ecosystem, Amagi will also be able to generate high visibility and ad-based revenue streams for Shemaroo’s content.

    “India has a rich legacy of quality content. Indian content owners, similarly, have a long history of entertaining audiences with diverse and high-quality programming. Shemaroo is one of the pioneers in this space,” said Baskar Subramanian, Co-founder and CEO of Amagi. “We are thrilled to give Shemaroo’s premium content its rightful place in the global content marketplace.”

    Kunal Wadhwani, General Manager, USA, Shemaroo Entertainment commented, “This initiative will bolster Shemaroo’s presence in the US as it will not only expand our viewer ecosystem but also serve our existing fan base with a vast collection of Bollywood movies on a different medium. There is a growing demand for free ad-supported streaming channels, which makes it critical that our content is also available on this platform for consumers. The specially curated content will surely be loved by consumers watching the theme-based movies with their family.”

    Shemaroo has always kept consumers at its core and ensured it reaches out to them to cater to their entertainment in various formats preferred by them. Today, Shemaroo Entertainment remains the only sizeable media company with complete ownership to thrive and grow in this highly challenging and evolving ecosystem.

    Amagi provides a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution, and monetization for broadcast and streaming TV customers, globally. The company supports 800+ content brands, manages over 2,000 channel deliveries, and services 50 billion ad opportunities. Amagi clients include ABS-CBN, A+E Networks UK, beIN Sports, Curiosity Stream, Discovery Networks, Fox Networks, Fremantle, Gusto TV, NBCUniversal, Tastemade, Tegna, USA Today, Vice Media and Warner Media, among others.

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