The FAST and the Touchless

    What makes FAST channels Fast, Attractive, Safe and Touchless?

    Watch live or later: the MEDIAGENIX webinar on the true power behind FAST channels, hosted by media analyst Alan Wolk—the very man who coined the FAST acronym. Let’s get to the bottom of four critical challenges FAST channels must tackle amid a costly fight for eyeballs.

    Thursday, 4 May at 17:00 CEST/15:00 UTC/08:00 PDT/11:00 EDT.

    Register here.

    This is a MEDIAGENIX webinar in partnership with TVREV, Alan Wolk’s analyst group of veteran journalists and top executives from the TV and advertising industries covering changes in TV and media with exclusive reports, analysis and insights.

    Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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