FAST Giant Slayer helping Rural America ISP’s and Content owners of any size get into the FAST / Ad based streaming market

    Grove Street FM, is a provider of localized content in rural Central Virginia, today announced that it has signed and released 150 new streaming channels from FAST Channels TV to its growing community of viewers.  The channels are streaming at no charge to their viewers in an Ad based model

    Grove Street FM chief executive officer, Woody G. Watts, commented, ”Grove Street FM is excited to offer these additional 150+ free channels to our viewers and new viewers alike. The channels come in a variety of genres from news, sports, movies, etc.  As a rural provider of localized content in Central Virginia, it is exciting to be able to expand our free/ad based streaming offering with all of these new channels.  The partnership with FAST Channels TV made it easy to add all this content and their monetization services within a couple of days and with no up-front or monthly costs. We are excited to continue to evolve into a hybrid content provider with podcasts, music, live coverage and now video offerings.  

    An example of one new FAST channel available is FiredUp Network – a leader in exclusive sports stories, interviews, and insider content that is already on 222 podcast platforms around the world – sees the launch of their 24/7 free ad-supported streaming TV channel, FiredUp. Speaking on the new channel, FiredUp Network CEO Joe Peisich shared: “We’re thrilled to be launching our first ever FAST channel, bringing our popular content to even more sports fans. The setup was easy and not nearly as expensive as initially thought, and our channel was created and launched on 11 platforms within the first week of signing up with FAST Channels TV. 

    Fast Channels TV’s CEO Russell Foy commented, ”We are excited to have our channels included in the Grove Street FM lineup. No longer is the growing base of FAST content and services restricted to the giant Content owners and major telcos/cable companies. Now Content owners of any size and rural American ISP/Cable/Telcos providers can get into the rapidly growing FAST streaming TV market.  With an Ad based revenue sharing model, we help both Content owners create FAST channels and ISP/Content owners launch OTT streaming platforms leveraging our white label technology, Playout services and Content.”

    For more about Grove Street FM download their app at (available for Apple & Android devices. )

    Grove Street FM is owned and operated by Watts Creative Studios. And provides locally produced live podcasts, sports coverage and more to residents in Bedford, Va and the surrounding area. 

    For more information regarding FAST Channels TV platform, visit

    Photo by STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash

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