SivooTV Triples Its FAST Channel Lineup

    More Hindi Linear Channels

    Sivoo, Inc., a global network offering data services and streaming of multicultural on-demand entertainment programming, announced today that SivooTV has added a total of sixteen additional FAST channels from Mobibase, a leading content provider based outside of Nice, France, bringing the platforms linear channel offering to 24 – with a quarter audible in Indian dialects.

    ”We are pleased to expand the content library in this relatively newer format of FAST channels, which many recognize as traditional TV, to younger VOD audiences.” said Alan Gochin, Chief Marketing Officer. He adds, ”As more adopt SivooTV and are able to appreciate the style of programming that linear channels bring, especially in many viewers’ native tongues, we are confident sharing titles and word-of-mouth advertising will grow.”

    With content catalogues always growing as we license new videos series and engage new providers; more users will surely find genres and titles that speak to them and solidify SivooTV as their enjoyable destination for today and the future.

    Founded in 2000, Sivoo, Inc. was a video streaming pioneer, implementing a content network with on-demand multicultural entertainment over the Internet. Looking forward, with nearly 3M users in over 150 countries, serving telcos and mobile operators globally, Sivoo offers network-based data services including their proprietary video platform providing both ad-supported and subscription streaming of thousands of content hours to connected, enabled devices.

    Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

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