OTTera launched Chefclub on Samsung TV Plus in France and Switzerland

    The food digital brand with the best thematic cooking videos will premier on Samsung TV Plus in France and Switzerland. The channel will feature hours of contents, powered by Los Angeles-based white label OTT & FAST provider OTTera.

    Stephen L. Hodge, co-CEO and Chairman of OTTera, said: ’OTTera is honoured to have been chosen by Chefclub to deliver their channel throughout Europe across mobile and CTV devices. It has the best foodie content in Europe and will surely be a brand favourite for agencies looking to reach their rapidly growing audience’. 

    On the menu: 65 episodes of 25 minutes, that is to say more than 24 hours of (re)creative recipes staged in thematic videos like salmon lover, chocolate show, happy hours. ’This partnership is part of our mission to get everyone in the kitchen. Yet everyone has different eating habits, so we’re excited to bring Chefclub to the TV screen and now inspire Samsung TV+’s growing audience to get in the kitchen’, added Thomas Lang, CEO and cofounder of Chefclub.


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