TED Partners with Wurl to Launch Its First FAST Channel

    TED Channel Leverages Library of Over 4,000 TED Talks to Global Audience on Connected TV

    Palo Alto, CA – June 9, 2022 – Wurl, the world leader in powering streaming TV, today announced its agreement with TED, a nonprofit dedicated to discovering and spreading ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility, and catalyze impact, to power the launch of the TED channel, the company’s first-ever Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) channel. The Wurl-powered FAST channel will distribute and monetize select programming from an extensive library of original content designed to make great ideas accessible and spark conversations world wide.

    The TED channel will offer viewers a premium viewing experience, featuring TED’s highly acclaimed library of 4,000+ TED Talks and TED-Ed animations. TED’s short, influential videos from thought leaders expounding on technology, entertainment, business, creativity, education, and other disciplines will be curated and programmed as a 24/7 linear FAST channel, available through connected television. The channel’s programming will include TED’s most celebrated talks, award-winning TED-Ed videos, short films, TED originals, and highlights from TED’s conferences. Upcoming programming includes TED Talks such as The Power Of Vulnerability (Brené Brown), The Difference Between Winning And Succeeding (John Wooden), and How Dolly Parton Led Me To An Epiphany (Jad Abumrad). Viewers can also enjoy the very latest from TED2022, for example, A Future Worth Getting Excited About (Elon Musk) and The Breakthrough Science of mRNA Medicine (Melissa J. Moore).

    “TED represents groundbreaking ideas, presented in an iconic, minimalist format that maximizes attention and impact for all of us as viewers,” said Craig Heiting, Wurl’s head of strategic business development. “Having the opportunity to bring TED’s unique library of content into the world of FAST TV is not only an honor, but a task we will engage with extreme precision to maximize reach and impact for TED.”

    TED will leverage the full suite of Wurl services, including Global FAST Pass for worldwide distribution, AdPool™ for maximized monetization of ad Inventory, Wurl Perform™ for viewer acquisition and retention, and Global Data Services for optimal data insights.

    “Streaming TV gives TED another powerful digital tool to support our mission of bringing great ideas to viewers everywhere,” said Alan Seiffert, Head of Global Business Development at TED. “With Wurl’s reach of over 300 million connected TVs worldwide, and with their innovative and advanced technologies, they are an excellent partner for us to spread ideas in the FAST TV space.”

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