The Future of FAST: What the battle for discoverability means for content owners and distributors

    As The Evolution of FAST revealed, FAST channels and platforms are growing exponentially – forcing services to adapt their strategies to focus on discoverability and viewership figures. 

    As each FAST service looks to distinguish its offering, market jostling is set to significantly impact content owners/distributors. To improve the odds of licensing content with the best ROI, owners/distributors should take note of these emerging trends to best speak to platform needs. And in doing so, benefit from increased bargaining power when licensing content.

    In this Part 2 of the Future of FAST, The Article from Papercup looks at:

    • How FAST services are prioritizing new, diverse ways of attracting viewers as competition increases – and how this impacts content owners/distributors
    • What changes in the way FAST services approach content curation means for content owners/distributors
    • How content owners/distributors can increase discoverability on FAST platforms

    See for the full article.

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