Top 5 Must-haves for FAST Channels

    If your organization’s aim is to dive into the fast-growing FAST market, there are some core technology and business decisions you’ll have to make.

    What is FAST?

    FAST stands for free, ad-supported, streaming TV services, which is a rapidly growing OTT monetisation business model. FAST combines advertising and scheduled TV to provide viewers with a subscription-free streaming option. This is essentially linear television presented in a familiar lean-back program guide style, available without a subscription and funded by advertising revenue.

    In contrast to a subscription model, FAST channels are able to offer linear streaming services for free by dynamically inserting advertisements into the ad breaks. Typically FAST channels are found on connected televisions (CTVs) or are device agnostic. Many also aggregate third-party content with their O&O (owned-and-operated statio) content.

    Most popular FAST Services

    There are many well-known FAST platforms in the market such as Xumo, Pluto, Roku Channel, Peacock, LG TV, and Samsung TV Plus.


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