Multi-Year Partnership Will Create Original Programming for LG Channels via Exclusive Channel ”Majordomo TV with David Chang” Featuring Acclaimed Chef David Chang

    LG Electronics and Majordomo Media have formed a multi-year partnership to produce original programming exclusive to LG Channels, the free streaming TV service available exclusively on LG’s premium lineup of Smart TVs. The free streaming content will be available on the new Majordomo TV with David Chang channel on LG Channels later this month, featuring multiple original series with new episodes added weekly.

    The Majordomo TV with David Chang channel will be available to LG Smart TV owners with its free, ad-supported streaming TV service (FAST) LG Channels. LG will be exclusively responsible for distributing the channel to other third-party FAST services. Majordomo TV with David Chang will initially launch in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand into over 25 international territories next year. 

    ”We’re incredibly excited by the opportunity presented by the FAST space,” said Chang. ”And we are honored by the trust and creative freedom that LG has given us to explore all kinds of culinary content. Our goal is to present viewers with an honest, entertaining, and useful slate of programming, and we are going to experiment with lots of different formats to get there.”

    ”LG Electronics continues to develop unique partnerships that elevate the entertainment experience for LG Smart TV owners,” said Matt Durgin, LG’s Senior Director of the Home Entertainment Content and Services Team. ”This partnership illustrates LG’s strategy to deliver value to consumers through our award-winning LG Channels service. LG’s partnership with Majordomo Media grows our portfolio of exclusive channels and we look forward to sharing Majordomo Media’s approach to culinary and pop culture subjects with our customers around the world.”

    Co-founded by acclaimed chef and restaurateur David Chang, Majordomo Media has produced numerous groundbreaking unscripted television shows for Netflix and Hulu, including ”Ugly Delicious,” ”Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner,” ”The Next Thing You Eat,” ”Chefs vs Wild” and ”Best in Dough.” Majordomo TV with David Chang will launch with two flagship original series, as well as full episodes of Majordomo Media’s hit Spotify podcasts, ”The Dave Chang Show” and ”Recipe Club.” Further series will launch featuring David Chang and other chefs in 2023. Episodes will be produced in Majordomo Media’s new Los Angeles studio at ROW DTLA, outfitted with the latest Home Appliance innovations from LG.

    The partnership is part of a broader strategy by LG to bring exclusive content and advertising opportunities to LG Channels. Interested advertisers can contact the team at LG Ads Solutions (

    Some highlights of the programming under development for the channel…

    The Dave Chang Cooking Show

    Call it cooking without a net. The Dave Chang Cooking Show is a hybrid between a talk show and a cooking show. In each episode, David Chang welcomes one or two guests. Whether they’re friends, family, notable personalities, fellow chefs, or kids, they sidle up to the kitchen counter where Dave is waiting to cook them a full meal, from start to finish. No cutaways, no television magic, no cheating. Armed only with the ingredients he’s brought in that day and a little bit of information on his guests’ dining preferences — their favorite childhood food memory, their death-row meal, their preferences, and their aversions — he gets to work. Dave interviews his guests, all while peeling, dicing, braising, and sautéeing his way to a finished meal. He’ll cook multiple courses, as his guests look on, ask questions, chip in, or simply heckle their new personal chef. With much of the cooking being improvisational, Dave will undoubtedly take several wrong turns, then do his best to get himself out of the mess he’s made. Within the span of each episode, viewers get an unobstructed view of the most hard-to-land dining reservation in all of Los Angeles. 

    Recipe Lab with Chris Ying

    The internet is a recipe swamp. Google any ingredient or dish you hope to make, and you’re bound to get tens of millions of results. So, how’s a cook to decide who’s worth listening to? Even the highest-rated recipes on the internet can be plagued with unrealistic expectations, unclear instructions, and inefficient methods. That’s where the Recipe Lab comes from. We cook the most popular recipes out there—whether from social media, online publications, or cookbooks—and assess them from all angles. How easy are the ingredients to source? Is the effort worth the time? How realistic are the times given? Can it be improved? Each episode of Recipe Lab has Chris Ying cooking a recipe from start to finish, showing every mistake, success, moment of confusion and delicious epiphany along the way. Each recipe tested in the Recipe Lab will inevitably lead to another experiment, then another, as Chris searches for something worthwhile in even the inanest TikToks.

    Dave Chang Show TV

    Uncut video episodes of the popular Majordomo Media podcast, with guests from around the culinary world and beyond. It’s the best of the DC Show, with footage from the recording studio, broadcast directly to your TV.

    Recipe Club TV

    Full video episodes of the chart-topping cooking podcast, hosted by Dave Chang and Chris Ying. In addition to the hijinx and hilarity of the podcast, viewers will see all the home cooking action from hosts and guests as they tackle the week’s theme recipe. Thoughtful graphics and cutaways will bring even more energy and hilarity to the proceedings. 

    More Content Coming from the MDM Studio Kitchen

    Majordomo Media’s downtown Los Angeles studio at ROW DTLA will open in Q1 2023 with two fully outfitted kitchens and a podcast studio in constant production on content for Majordomo TV. Over the next few years, Majordomo TV will roll out a lineup of original programming, featuring everything from humorous, high-energy tactical tutorials on ordering takeout with friends and family; cooking competitions; Korean mukbang-inspired dining bonanzas; and in-depth lessons from culinary masters that are as entertaining and honest as they are useful and eye-opening.

    LG Channels offers a wide selection of premium live and on-demand programming, including movies, TV shows, news, sports, children’s programs, and more. With more than 300 channels and growing, LG Smart TV owners can easily discover their favorite programs by launching the LG Channels application on their LG TV’s webOS platform.

    Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

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