Insight TV, the leading millennial and gen-z focused global channel operator and content producer today announces the launch of three FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) channels on sports-first live TV streaming platform FuboTV across the US and Canada.

    Insight TV and FuboTV will strengthen their partnership by adding INFAST (Lifestyle), INTROUBLE (Action & sports) and INWONDER (Science and tech) to the FuboTV streaming platform. 

    Insight TV UHD was added to the FuboTV (adventure add-on) package earlier in 2022. ​ This development enhances the existing partnership and allows FuboTV to meet the growing demand in the US and Canada for high-quality, millennial and gen-z unscripted content. 

    FuboTV viewers in the US and Canada can now watch popular and new Millennial and Gen-Z productions from Insight TV: Breaking Beyond, The Blockchain Life, and Monster Hour! 

    This agreement further enhances Insight TV’s already substantial audience base in North America. 

    Natalie Boot, VP Media Sales, Insight TV.

    We are excited to build on our longstanding relationship with the team at FuboTV to bring our popular and growing FAST channels to their platform as they expand their offering to make sure to bring the best content to their users. We look forward to reaching our fans who call FuboTV their home for viewing.

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