IBC WEBINAR: Launching OTT Services on November 30th.

    Join IBC365 on 30 November to explore what are the tech elements required to launch with different operators and create a compelling viewing experience, with a surge in free, ad-supported TV (Fast) services.

    With Pluto TV and The Roku Channel among its leading names, the Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) services segment is one of the most rapidly expanding in the entire connected TV sector. Providing both linear channels and on-demand programming, FAST is seeing a remarkable level of innovation that promises huge advances in hybrid viewing experiences, advertising and e-commerce.

    In this webinar we will assess the extraordinary growth of FAST and the primary steps that need to be taken to launch a service, with issues to be addressed including:

    – The main technical ‘building blocks’ required to launch FAST services with different operators
    – The economic model of FAST and its ability to support new viewing experiences in both linear and on-demand
    – The benefits of FAST’s use of real-time graphics and ad insertion technologies, among other innovations
    – The ways in which ‘traditional’ broadcasters are seeking to expand into FAST
    – The long-term outlook for FAST, including the potential for more personalised channels.

    See for more.

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