Fremantle launched a FAST channel dedicated to one of the most beloved TV show in Italy: Squadra Speciale Cobra 11

    Cobra Special Squad is a German television series, produced since 1995, has been broadcast since 1996 by the RTL television network.

    The series centers on the investigations of a pair of commissioners belonging to the Kripo Autobahn (Criminal Highway Police), a fictional section of the Autobahnpolizei (Highway Police). The series subsequently spawned two spin-offs, titled Squadra Speciale Cobra 11 – Section 2 (2003-2005) and Turbo & Tacho (2013), also broadcast by RTL.

    A peculiar and distinctive feature of the series is the emphasis placed on action, which springs from the road and motorway setting: here the protagonists promptly find themselves facing delicate and dangerous situations, which give rise to frequent chases in extreme conditions, stunts, accidents and spectacular explosions. These elements, often unrealistic but made with a quality comparable to the cinematographic one, together with the attention to suspense within the script, have made the series very popular in the country of origin, subsequently contributing to its export and broadcast in over 140 countries. States; this made Cobra Task Force 11 the best-selling German television series abroad.

    In Italy the series has been broadcast on Rai 2 since January 7, 1999. In 2022 the first TV film of the series was announced, lasting 90 minutes.

    The FAST Channel will be available on Pluto TV in Italy.

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